The very first time I tried sculpting using clay, I had an immediate sensation of coming home. I had been working with sketching and painting before this and I enjoyed it a lot, but this was something else.

This was going to be the task of my life!

This happened 1976 and I was 21 years old and I attended a preparatory course at Nyckelviksskolan in Stockholm. I studied there for 1,5 years and 4 years at the University of Design and Applied Arts in Gothenburg.
I also worked as an apprentice in Falkenberg, Sweden and Centola, Italy.
After these studies and apprenticeships and many years of hard work I reached the degree of skill which allowed me to create whatever I wanted to out of clay. I prefer working with sculptures and reliefs but I also make utility ware such as bowls, jugs, teapots and mugs.

I was one of 11 ceramic, glass and jewelry artists who started a cooperative of applied arts named Sintra in Gothenburg and I was an active member for 12 years.

I also work at the front desk in a museum in Gothenburg, the Röhsska Museum of fashion, design and applied arts. In this job I find my special skills, education and contacts useful.
As a special assignment at the Museum I´ve initiated and administrated a relay race of applied arts. I also participated in a jury for three years.


I live in Mölndal just south of Gothenburg with the love of my life, Mats Gahrn who also works with applied arts. He is a carpenter.